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Hinchinbrook Local Government

The Australian Community Network gives Community and Business Leaders rapid Login access to Australian owned web advertising, listing and broadcast services with the power of over 1000 united Australian geographic web sites and is not the local Council or Government! For access to local government services in Hinchinbrook please visit

For an overview of this local government region visit

For information about the containing region visit

Dear Australian Government

The Australian Community Network is one of the worlds largest Internet Superportals*

After many years of assembling the platform has websites in all corners of our country and much work, negotiations and private money was spent to bring home and secure many of these Iconic and Important web names to Australian ownership

Though we are in Development Phase the system is now functional at V1 and we are allowing some public in for Beta Testing through Login accounts

We believe that the ability to communicate widely and quickly to the public through our unique and united 1000+ Web sites and emerging Australian Social Media Network could be an important public function where Government and Emergency Services can participate and help provide information and direction services and benefit to citizens, eventually and under your own special levels of access we want to let you Login and use the network too!

However, we have asked you for funding to assist develop our country unique platform and you told us
"There is no money available, it has all been spent"

We aim to provide very good value Advertising Services to all levels of Australian Community and Business, We hope to make a small dent in the insane levels of Advertising dollars that flow out of our country to the giant foreign Search and popular Social Media Services and with that we hope you bear with us while these Aussie Battlers have a go at this project on our own shoe string budget

As we grow this service we will channel our efforts into developing the Local, State, Federal Government and Emergency Services User Levels and Government Directories with the ACN's Web Broadcast Capability** and then we would like to invite you on board and discover ways we can work for you.

Kind Regards
The ACN Development Team

If you have any suggestions in how Local, State or Federal Government could work with the ACN
let us know

* Large Scale Multi Portal, Central Point of Management

** Web Broadcast? Here is how it works..
One Login logs you into all 1000+ websites simultaneously, Under your account privilege publish to All Websites in parallel through group, state, or entire country location keys.
When we watch in disbelief at the Australian Government using Foreign owned Facebook to post Emergency Services Messages.. (as it's probably incredibly difficult to do similar through the web sites of many independant government council departments) It is evident to us that this web broadcast capability would be helpful.

The Australian Community Network


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